Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Bee you've turned THREE (months haha)!!!!

Holy Moly!! How can it be that my baby is already 3 months?!?!  She is growing so fast and everyday I am so grateful to be her mommy!!  Brylee is such a smart, strong girl!  I can hardly even believe some of the things she can do.  Brylee has certainly found her voice and well...she's a talker!  She definitely takes after her mom and is loud!  Talking isn't as fun when it's quiet...loud, squealing coos certainly get our attention :)  Brylee is rarely an unhappy baby, she has the sweetest smiles and melts our hearts each and everyday!  The only time she gets fussy is when she's hungry and/or tired...once again taking after her mom there haha.  Brylee is long and skinny but she sure can eat! That she gets from her daddy ;)  Brylee is really beginning to develop her coordination skills!  She is really starting to hold on to light-weight toys and believes they all belong her mouth...just like her hands!  Brylee is such a friendly baby already, she'll smile at anyone and now she'll talk to almost everyone.  She thinks her animals that hang from her swing, bouncer and floor-matt are all her friends and LOVES to talk to them!

We were amazed when she reached up and grabbed her little butterfly

she is certainly our little Princess!

Have to have those hands in her mouth

When Brylee was two months she smiled all the time!  She was really responding back to us and recognized her mommy and daddy very well!  We knew by then that Mike was her entertainment and I was her comfort :)  She loved when Mike would talk to her and would get the BIGGEST smiles :) She can instantly be soothed when I hold her.  She has always been able to melt both of us!

When Brylee was a month old she was already captivating her audiences ;)  She was very photogenic and her Mimi (my mom) loved to take her pictures!  Brylee has been very strong since birth and by a month old was already holding her head up very well and when we would burp her she would insist on standing.

Brylee has been captivating us since the day she was born.  Each day is a new adventure and a new day to learn and experience something else.

I don't know if we could possibly love this baby girl more than we do.  She is our everything and life has never felt as complete as it does with her in it!

DH School Is OVER!!!

For the past two years my heart and soul, blood sweat and tears, time and energy...EVERYTHING has been going into Dental Hygiene School.  And now...I Have Actually GRADUATED!!! I still can't believe I'm actually done!  Two years of the program and Five board exams and now I'm actually a dental hygienist!  Well, not a working one yet haha, I have decided to take a little bit of time and enjoy being a mom.  After all we've been through Brylee and I deserve some mommy-daughter time :)  

I am so blessed to have made it through the Program and I know I couldn't have done it without the amazing people in my life!  Our class began with 16 and by the time we graduated we were down to 13.  I literally spent almost waking moment with these 12 other people and the amazing instructors we had.  We truly knew just about every detail of each others lives and were always there for one another.  I really believe we were meant to be together and we each contributed so much that allowed all of us to make it through!

It is not easy getting a good picture of all of us haha

Our class picture 
To honor our achievements, our class had a Pinning Ceremony where we all received a Dental Hygiene Pin from the School.  A few awards were presented and I received an award for Overall Professionalism and Leadership.  This was unexpected and such an honor.

The next night was the school's graduation ceremony where you could choose to walk.  I decided to walk for a few reasons: 1. My parents and sister had come all this way for my graduation so I figured I better go all out ;)  2. I didn't walk when I received my Associates and I don't plan to walk when I get my Bachelors, so now or never  3.  I have worked so hard for this achievement and I have put so much into this program that I wanted to really live up the fact that I was done, that I had actually completed what I set out to do.

My husband is too funny ;)

My only other two classmates that decided to also walk

My reasons for my accomplishments

We still can't believe Brylee made it through 3hrs without a fuss or cry!!

My family is everything to me and they are the reason I am who I am.  My parents have always encouraged me to pursue an education, my husband has always helped me believe in myself, and my sweet Brylee has taught me how strong I really am.  My family has always supported and encouraged me and has always been proud of me.  They make me proud of myself and I am honored to call them my own!